Workshop on Peatland and Climate Change

M.R. Karliasyah Director General for Pollution Control and Environmental DegradationMinistry of Environment and Forestry – Republic of Indonesia 27 November 2018 Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. His Excellency Ambassador of Republic of Korea;  The honorable Dr. Hadi Pasaribu, Director of Forest for Life and All Member of Forest for Life; The honorable Invited Experts and Researchers; AndContinue reading “Workshop on Peatland and Climate Change”

Climate Change, Peatland, and Development in Tropical Forest Countries

Peatlands are one of the major sources of greenhouse gases emission even though their overall surface area is relatively small, i.e. only 3% including forested peatlands. It has been found that the disturbance on these lands due to human activities such as agricultural expansion and drainage construction, peat mining, combined with extreme climate maniphestations contributedContinue reading “Climate Change, Peatland, and Development in Tropical Forest Countries”