Agus Pakpahan

Agus Pakpahan (Prof., Ph.D. Ir.)


B.S. Forestry Science, 1978, Bogor Agricultural University;
Master of Science (MS) (1981), Agricultural Economics, Bogor Agricultural University;
Ph.D in Agricultural Economics with specialization in Natural Resource;
Economics, Michigan State University, 1988.

Working Experience:

Professor Emeritus: 2019-present;
Chair Person, National Commission of Genetically Engineered Products, 2010-2018;
Excecutive Director of Indonesian Sugar Industry Association 2016-2019;
Deputy Minister for Agroindustry, Forestry, Paper, Printing and Publishing, Ministry of State Owned Enterprise, Republic of Indonesia, 2005-2010;
General Chairman of Indonesian Agricultural Economics Association, 2000-2003;
Excecutive Chairman, the Association of Indonesian Estate Crops Farmers, 2003-present;
Director General of Estate Crops, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia, 1998-2003;
Bureau Chief, Bureau of Marine, Aerospace, Science and Technology and Environment;
National Development Planning Agency, Republic of Indonesia,1996-1997;
Bureau Chief, Bureau of Development Assistance and Regional Development I; National Development Planning Agency, Republic of Indonesia,1996-1997.


Writing; and
Promoting Art, Culture and Innovation:
Max Havelaar Drana Performance, Karaton Yigyakarta, 2001;
Dipati Ukur Drama Performance, Gedung Merdeka, Bandung, 2009;
Innovation in bioconversion of organic materials by using BSF.